About Us


From California’s beautiful Santa Ynez valley, Beau Monde Perfumes has, for many years, helped men and women discover the world’s most beautiful fragrances.  As our many loyal customers already know, you’ll love our fine products, friendly service, competitive prices, and reputable dealings with you.

Beau Monde Perfumes offers two fragrance categories: world-famous designer original fragrances,  and, our exquisite Salon perfumes and colognes, which are specially blended versions of designer originals.

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You’ll appreciate the savings from our every-day, very competitive  prices for men’s and women’s designer original fragrances!

In addition to the items we keep in stock, Beau Monde Perfumes can special-order men’s and women’s designer original fragrance products, at no extra cost to you, that we may not usually keep in stock.  Frequently, Beau Monde Perfumes is able to obtain hard-to-find designer original fragrances (but we restrict such searches/sales to fragrances in sealed and unused condition).  Please allow at least 3 to 4 weeks for completion of a special order.

buy neurontin with paypal Salon Fragrances
Our Salon women’s perfumes and men’s colognes are skillfully  blended versions of designer fragrances.

Our men’s and women’s Salon fragrances have wonderful long-lasting aromas because they are carefully blended using the finest ingredients.  Salon fragrances are ideal for people who are sensitive to air-borne environmental pollutants, or, who are unable to tolerate fragrances made with mostly synthetic ingredients.

You’ll also love our Salon fragrances for their prices!  Compare our low Salon prices to your favorite designer fragrance!